If the sales were to be only directly porportional to the ad spend, then probably all those who shell out crores of rupees in high voltage advertising should be sitting comfortably out there. But we see many who embarked on a heavy spend are now characteristically silent. In fact, they are critical of the media itself. Sounds familiar ? Much time and effort was spent on which agency offers cheaper rates ( A big story there. Call us and we will tell you a secret ) rather than working closely with a solution provider who means well and more important, thinks for you.

In today's scenario, beset with various negative factors and downturn in the market, it has become imperative to consider the actual customer engagement that results from an advertisement campaign. Not just leads, but their quality and how fast you get them. Getting many leads which are not relevant and also which are cold and not live can make a lot of difference. At the same time, the Builder's brand image should not be compromised with cheap looking offerings. It is this balance and right TG which needs to be addressed . And if the product offering is good and price relevant to the TG, the rest normally falls into place over a period of time. Call us today for a detailed discussion. We would love to understand your needs and work with you on this. Our long experience in this sector would help us collaborate better. 

Something which is close to everyone's heart. But then, the patients out there should feel your heart is in the right place too ! Trust us, this is what drives the patients as well. They need to trust you. If there is something lacking and which a patient today is highly critical of, it is TRUST. We work on that sincerely and the rest follows. Facilities, Equipment, Specialists are of course important and definitely we need to inform our strengths on these aspects. But finally it is the trust that "We can safely and with a free mind go to this hospital " is what determines the success of this noble profession.

Ask anyone down the street and he is normally scared of two things. One, going to a police station and another going to a hospital. Probe more and you will find that what is lacking is trust. While both these institutions may mean well, the fear persists based on what we hear and see in today's world. It is important to build credibility, showcase integrity and this needs to done consistently for a period of time. We help you do that in myriad ways. Call us and we can together explore this.

"Child is the father of man" was a paradoxical yet profound statement by the poet William Wordsworth in his poem ' The Rainbow " Put simply, what he meant to say was that man is the product of of his habits and behaviour developed in the childhood. So, Schools & Colleges play a very important role in shaping the destiny of the child. Not to mention coaching institutions too. But the multitude of schools, academic boards, coaching institutions out there have contrubuted to a chaotic state where it is difficult to separate the good from the bad. It has become increasingly important to stand out from the crowd and keep reminding the readers out there. Not mere words but engage with them in many ways which will hold you in high esteem. The Hindu in School, The Hindu Edge and the various activities and features from their stables can be a good platform to connect with the readers out there.

Schools, Colleges and institutions do not require high voltage advertising nor should they be silent and media shy. We help you to plan and engage with the media in a multitude of ways to ensure that the right message is got across and also helps you build or reaffirm your already existing brand image.

This is one of the most crowded space and yet the opportunities are tremendous. Whether you are a retailer catering essentially to your neighbourhood or a restaurant who slowly wishes to expand your footprints across the city, or who needs to improve the walk-ins, we have the right solutions for you. We develop custom made solutions ( one size does not fit all ) with various ATL and BTL initiatives and ensure the excitement is always on. Social media plays a very important role especially in restaurants and we leverage this to the maximum extent possible with immediate connect and customer engagement by managing your social media, blogs, photoshoots, instagram stories, FB initiatives to speak of a few. Call us for an engaging dicussion and we assure you, you will not be dissapointed.

The B2B segment is possibly one of the most neglected segment and it is assumed that trade have their own way to contend with the competition. In the current globalised scenario, there has been a paradigm shift in the way the trade operates and it is necessary to keep pace with the same. We help you adopt modern practices, establish connect with potential customers and also engage with the existing ones. Product brochures, Photo shoots, PR connect, Mailers, Customised campaigns that reach out to the B2B segment and much more. This calls for an exclusive discussion and a very customised solution. Call us anytime and we can talk.

If you are in space that is unique and very niche, we will love to hear from you. Low Budget but great product/ service and big ideas ? Hoping to make it big but hesitant to embark on a big spend ? We understand, we empathise and trust us, we will figure this out. No jargons and no stories of how others made it big in life. You have read enough of that already. Consider us your well wisher and we will try to crack this together. Rest assured, we will give you our honest opinion.Call us whenever you feel like and we will be there for you.